I am sick of not painting.  Not that I can really say I waste too much time, I have very little to waste these days.  Having a full time job, a family and many other life commitments takes a toll.  It is easy to get frustrated so I just have to remind myself why I paint.

I paint because I love it.  And if I paint because I love it then whatever time I get to paint, even if it is only for a few minutes spread over many day, is worth the effort.

So in spite of time being short I have been thinking and planning.  I have two watercolors in the works, plans for several large acrylics and I am very excited about getting outside for some plein air oil painting once the weather warms up enough.  Not to mention many small drawings and things I have been doing in my spare spare time.

I will post up some sketches soon and maybe a few works in progress as well.  Until I do let me sleep and dream of painting.