My family and I spent a few days at a friends house in upstate New York.  The house is in the country complete with a farm, a pond and several barns.  Although I was dying to bring up my oils I was convinced by my wife that I wouldn’t have the time to complete much painting so I took one of my watercolor sets instead.  I was happy to do the following painting in a little over an hour or so.

The painting was done in my travel watercolor book, I think I put some examples up from it in the past.  This is a watercolor of a old horse barn, now unused but preserved.  I took a bunch of picture of the farm, especially of a much older barn, but only had the time for this one painting.  I was drawn to this barn as it reminded me of something Andrew Wyeth would maybe find interesting.  That is not to say I have even a drop of the ability of Wyeth, it is more to say how much I love his work.

I really liked painting the open doorway of the barn and the contrast of the dark tones inside with the lighter wood outside.