I get quite a few emails art related emails a month based on people visiting this site. To be honest the majority are spam, I never knew that Nigerian Princes like my art so much.  (They say that if I send them my bank account they will send me money for paintings = EXCITING!)  Needless to say I don’t respond to the spam and it’s just a part of having my artwork online.

A few weeks ago I received an email that didn’t seem like the regular spam.  Someone from a group called Snow Sugar Video somehow found my work online and wanted to see if I was interested in participating in their ongoing project, short 1 minute videos to help promote local artists.  I decided to take a chance and respond and see if this was for real.  I am pleased to say it was for real and I am even more pleased to say that these are the three videos they created about me and my painting!

A very special thanks to Rumi and Linh from SnowSugar for taking the time to film and then edit me, my work and my crazy kids.

You can see these videos and the videos of other local artists either on the SnowSugar blog or on their YouTube Page.  You can also follow them on Facebook.