Many years ago I took part in a silly Facebook challenge.  The idea was to create a work of art for the first 10 people who commented on your post.  I had a few friends post up they were participating so I signed up to receive a work of art from them and then decided to try making something as well.  I posted that I was in and in a few minutes I had 10 people interested in a work of art from me.  Needless to say I neither sent out or received a single work.

Fast forwarding a few years I saw a friend has signed themselves up for a similar challenge.  Once again I signed up to receive a work and once again I have agreed to create a few works of my own.  The only difference this time around is that I actually intend on completing the 10 paintings.  To prove my intention here is the first watercolor:

The watercolor above is of a Tufted Titmouse, a native bird in the Northeast.  I did the painting based on a photo taken at my parents house in Warwick NY.  The only negative, for those birdwatchers our there, is that I made the coloring a bit too blue.  According to additional reference I have found, the bird is more grey in color then I painted it.

So it felt really good to get this small painting done and to mail it out!  I was even more pleased with the good reaction it got from its new owner.  I have 9 more little paintings to get done and I am really looking forward to it!