I lied, this is a new post.

What I meant to say is that I don’t have any new work to put up yet.  Summer is here and with it comes more time to paint.  Unfortunately I have been ultra busy and therefore haven’t completed anything that I want to share yet.  Instead I will share a picture of me looking awkward at the Sunnyside Art Fair.I do not like being photographed.  Anyone who does have a picture of me can testify that I usually give the camera the finger or make a stupid face.  This is done so I don’t look as constipated as I do in the picture above.  I tried my best to not look like a geek but it didn’t work, so ignore me and look instead on some of the work I was proud to share.

The fair was very enjoyable.  I got to meet a ton of people and have a lot of conversations.  It can be very weird to sit there as people look at my work so I usually say a quick hello and draw in my sketchbook.  I figure if someone wants to talk they will and if not I don’t want to bother them.  I like seeing what artworks people focus on although I will admit that at time I feel like the drawings I don’t like as much people like most.  I have given up trying to guess what the reactions will be and just sit back and watch.

So as always I wished I had more work, or larger work, or better work to show but I still had a good time and will participate again next year.