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I have mentioned here on my blog quite a few time about a local art fair I was looking forward to participating in.  Well, yesterday was the day!  It was my fourth year participating and the show and I must say, it has really come a long way.  The skill level has noticeably increased and there was a wide variety of work on display.  Here is a photo of me at my table with a special little princess:

ArtFair2013And here is a picture of a watercolor I completed just in time for the show:

The Sunnyside Arch is a iconic part of the local landscape and something I planned on painting for a while now.  The painting was done in watercolor and was challenging at times.  I will go on the record and say watercolor is by far the most most difficult medium to work in.  Acrylic is super forgiving as you can always wait 10 minutes for it to dry and then paint right over the mistakes.  For oils you can always keep working an area, as it stays wet for a long time, or just scrape it off and start again.  With watercolor, one mistake can ruin the work leaving you little chance to fix it.  To be honest I think my watercolors have improved over the years only because I have learned more tricks to fix little mistakes and I know what areas may be problematic and how to avoid them early.


  1. It looks fantastic Doug!

  2. Beautiful painting, Doug.

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