I finished this small watercolor two days ago:

Stream in Balsam Swamp

Painting to me is an obsessive act.  Once I get going on a painting I hate having to stop working.  Sleeping is an interruption, eating is an interruption, anything that isn’t painting is an interruption.  Sometimes I am reluctant to get to work on a painting since I know that once I do I won’t want to stop.  This particular painting went by quickly.  I started it as a demo painting for my painting class and once I got going I attacked it and finished it pretty fast.  I will admit before I painted it I was already thinking about this view, I sketched it out in my sketchbook a few days earlier:

Stream Sketch

The drawing above is in my new sketchbook.  The new year had a small milestone, I retired my faithful old sketchbook of the past few years.  I will admit that I don’t write or draw in it daily, although there are spurts of great activity.  I do carry it everywhere and I really mean everywhere.  I am never sure when an idea will pop into my head or a great view will demand drawing or someone will annoy me enough to rant about.  That’s when the sketchbook saves the day.  So goodbye to my old book and hello to my new book.

Thinking about my sketchbooks makes me want to take some photos from the old ones and share them.  Hmmmm maybe I will do this in the near future….. anyone interested in seeing them?  I have my sketchbooks from college to today.  Its nice to keep them as a record of where I was and what I was doing.

Oh and I almost forgot, the watercolor above can be yours.  I added it to my Etsy Shop a few minutes ago.  Stop by and check it out, and yes buy it.  Then buy a few things more!