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Show submission completed

For the past three years I have shown by work at a local art event here in Sunnyside.  There is an art fair as well as a themed show every year.  This years theme is “Invincible Summer.”  I am pleased to have just completed my submission to the show, here it is:

Invincible Summer

You may recall that I put up the sketch of it previously, if not here it is for comparison sake:


So as you can see the finished is right along the lines of what I had planned.  The biggest difference is in the “summer” area.  I did a bit of research to find a New York State native summer wildflower that would pop out against the winter around it.  Thanks mostly to a beautiful wildflower book that was given to me by my Grandmother I decided to use fireweed as the flower of choice.  So when I completed the painting as planned I was happy with the overall look but felt that the purple flower of the fireweed wasn’t strong enough visually.  I then went back to the book and found some more brightly colored summer flowers to help give the summer area the kick it needed.  A few bunches of buttercups and cardinal flowers and I was done.  The final touch was a monarch butterfly floating above the flowers, enjoying this one stubborn piece of summer.

I must point out my thanks for the critique, which helped give me the kick in the butt to add the additional flowers, to both my wife and daughter.  Thank you both!

One last note, I put up a lot of pictures of this painting as a work in progress on twitter.  Follow me @DougCondonArt if you want to see what I am up to even more often.


  1. Great work. Really cool that you spent the time to do the research to make this piece complete. It has a great feel all around. You are lucky to have two great art critics so close at hand!

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