I am very happy to day that the school year has ended and I am now on vacation!  For all the frustrations of being a NYC public school teacher I have to say that having a summer off with my family makes up for it.  So the first order of business for a teacher who is thrilled to be off from school is a no brain-er, I took a class!

I have always wanted to take a class or workshop at the Grand Central Atelier so when I saw that awesome landscape painter Emilie Lee was offering a weekend workshop in Central Park I jumped at the chance to take it.  Although the weather was spotty with rain the workshop was excellent.  The opportunity to watch Emilie’s demo paintings was worth the price of admission alone but her helpful eye made the experience even better as she pointed out some problem areas in my painting to focus on.  The biggest point I have taken from the weekend is to slow down my painting.  I know that I have a bad habit of trying to work fast to maximize the limited time I have to paint and for this weekend I really tried to put on the brakes.  Honestly I started painting so slowly that I struggled to finish an entire painting so my first day’s effort will need some at home work to complete it.

Here is a picture of day one by the Untermyer Fountain, Central Park:

IMG_2882Here is a picture from day twos painting of Bethesda Fountain, Central Park:


This has been an awesome start to summer and I am really excited to focus on my oils while in England.  More new work to come!