One of my proudest accomplishments is my watercolor sketchbook filled with paintings from my travels.  Each painting represents anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of watercolor painting on location.  While working on the paintings in the book I felt a real connection to my artistic heroes from the past and the way they sat on location and represented the world around them.  Although I feel like I will never live up to the level of work they created, it was nice to imagine myself seated in the company of those who inspired me.

View of West Kirby From Hoylake

Back Garden Tower

By The Rugby

Hilbre Island From The War Memorial

Cow Pasture Minus the Cows

Down The Tip Lane

View From Ellenville

Sayville Beach

Cloisters Courtyard

Some of the paintings bring back warm memories like when painting “By The Rugby” and enjoying the way the sun kept beaming through the clouds to warm me as I worked.  Other paintings bring back other memories, like being kicked out of the Cloisters for using watercolors inside the museum.  To this day I could have sworn that the Met website said watercolors were ok but I know now that I was wrong.

Sorry to the security guard, manager and whoever else I gave a hard time to while leaving. :0

I should also mention that the only painting I feel is unfinished is “Cow Pasture Minus the Cows”.  Even the painting from the Cloisters feels finished to me although I would have worked on it more if I could.  I seem to remember that I had to stop early on the day I painted the “Cows” painting.  You can see the whole left side is still just a few washes.  Not to mention that there were a bunch of cows to be added.  Either way I enjoy that lack of finishing touches on that one so I put it up for viewing.

I hope to get out soon to add some new watercolors to my book, and some new memories.