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Painting a Koi on Periscope

I don’t spend a lot of time looking into the newest Apps to hit the market.  In fact, I don’t spend any time looking into Apps at all.  By the time I hear about something new its generally no longer cool.  ( I only learned about Pandora last summer.)

I don’t know how exactly, but somewhere, I heard about a new App called Periscope.  Periscope allows the user to broadcast video live through their phone and for anyone using the app, or on their computers through a browser, to view the stream.  The idea of this got me excited especially when I heard that a few artists that I follow were streaming their painting process.  In no time I downloaded that free app and started checking it out.

Personally I think most of what is being broadcast is just stupid crap, mostly stupid social chat type streams.  I was blown away with being able to see artists I admire and how they were working live in real time.  I was so blown away that I decided to stream myself working on a painting.  Here is the final painting that I worked on live over Periscope.


And here is a detail of the face


You may notice that this painting is similar to a earlier one I did before and you are correct.  Not only are they similar, this painting is a reworking of the earlier one with only the head being preserved.  Once again I couldn’t stand the sight of an older painting and I felt the bug to make it into something better.  If only I could get it right the first time and stop the need to have to go back later on….

So anyway, I definitely think Periscope has some real potential.  If you want to see my Periscope streams then you can download the app or follow me on Twitter  where notifications will pop up when I start a stream.

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  1. nice work. you obviously get your talent from your mother!

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