As a teacher summer is my time to paint.  I will be traveling and painting which means I have to decide what to bring.  That means I have spent countless hours debating what medium to paint in, what supplies to pack, what do I want to accomplish on my trip.  Here is what made the cut his year:

Pictured above

  1. Two watercolor blocks, one cold press, one hot press.
  2. Paper towels.
  3. Sketchbook journals.  The top one is my always carry sketchbook.  The one below it is a travel sketchbook of location watercolors.  The little red book is a smaller sketchbook for quick paintings.
  4. A bottle of homemade brandy. (It’s a gift and also a good way to get over paintings that don’t come out)
  5. My large tin.  The top two rows are watercolors, the bottom two are gouache.
  6. Water sprayer.
  7. My small tin.  12 small gouache pans, I usually carry a tube of white gouache with it.
  8. Bottle for water.
  9. Jar for cleaning water.
  10. Small travel brush set, with a few extra small rounds.
  11. Gouache tubes.
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Brush pen, micron, mechanical pencil, fountain pen
  14. Fountain pen cartridges, kneaded eraser, black eraser and above a brush with internal water holder.
  15. An old fashioned folding ruler

What is not shown is the shoulder bag it all fits in, a emergency poncho, a hat, a knife for sharpening and a bottle of drinking water.

So compared to last time I was in Europe I went with gouache/watercolor over oils.  Why?  I don’t know, it just seemed right for this trip.  So wish me luck, I will be sharing my paintings as I do them here and on instagram!