So I wanted to show the current oil painting I have on my easel:

Now I must admit that his painting has been on the easel for quite some time.  I could try to justify it by saying that I really wanted to let the paint dry thoroughly but that would be a lie.  This painting has been neglected.  It has been quietly waiting for me to come back to it and finish it.  Well I want to make this painting happy so I am getting back to it.  I hope to have it done within a few days, I will post up the results.

In other news I was very disappointed not to get out for some plein air painting this past weekend.  I had been planning on getting out of the city and spending a few days doing nothing but painting but it didn’t work out.  I will try again soon but in the meantime I need to just get out locally and paint.  If I can find the time.  The heart is always willing, its just finding the time.