The tip most often given to new bloggers is to keep updating.  Put up new stuff often to keep people coming back and grow your audience.  Clearly I have failed at this since my last post was on April 30th while today is July 1st.

There are many reasons why I haven’t posted anything sooner, some good and some bad.

Good reasons: Busy at the local art fair, Attending the opening for one of my painting included in a group show (the painting sold that night), Spending time with my family, Going to the gym.

Bad Reasons: Enjoying the World Cup too much, Drinking too much beer, General laziness, Letting tiredness get the best of me.

For reasons both good and bad I have been lax in my duties but I am glad to say that things are looking up.  I have a bunch of new paintings in the works and a few opportunities to show my paintings.  Its summertime, the time of the year I get to draw and paint the most!  So I hope the next time I update I will get to show you the panels and canvas below in a finished state!