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Happy New Year, Happy New Paintings

My last entry on this blog was in August.  It is amazing how quickly time flies.  This past summer was spent painting and drawing in England.  Once September hit, and school began again, all the time spent painting and drawing disappeared.  Although that may sound discouraging it isn’t, I just appreciate the time I do get to make art that much more.  And it isn’t as if I have no time, let me show you my last finished oil:OneKoi

“One Koi” oil on board.  This was another fun painting to create.  I am really surprised how much I enjoy painting in oil.  Watercolor is by far the hardest, acrylic the most versatile and oil the most fun.

So aside from the Koi above I got to do some plein air oil painting before the summer ended.  Both painting below were painting in Warwick, NY:

Aside from some other new paintings in the works my plan is to add some new content to my website and change some stuff up there a bit.  So once again, sorry its been so long since this blog has been updated but I am on it!


  1. You got the Koi perfectly. Amazing. ~amy

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