Framing is very expensive.  Unfortunately it is also a necessity if you want to display your work.  I have struggled with the problem of whether to frame or not to frame certain works for a long time.  Getting a work into a show makes the framing necessary and trying to go cheap can hurt the presentation and ruin how the work is viewed.

This year I have decided to do the framing myself.  That is to say I am doing part of the framing myself.  As much as I would love to actually build the frame from scratch I don’t have the tools, space or time to undertake that kind of project right now.  Instead I purchased a beautiful frame and am doing the framing labor with it myself.  For this project I had to get some tools, including this baby:

Oh yeah, that is the Fletcher FrameMaster point driver and oh yes, it is badass!  The process was very easy, literally fit the painting in the frame, shoot some points in to hold it in place, screw in some hooks and add a line.   I had to spend a bit to get the point driver but now that I have it I will save a lot of money long-term on framing.  My only constraints now are to keep the works in easier to frame sizes or to set up a real workshop to cut my own custom frames.

The hardest part of framing is choosing a frame that compliments your work.  It is a really a matter of taste but I would say you don’t want anything too over the top that may turn people off of your work.  I have come full circle with what I prefer, starting first with plain dark frames, moving to more textural and intricately colored and stained frames and now I like gold frames the best.  There really is no right answer but there are a lot of wrong ones.