This Thanksgiving break has been a really nice chance to relax.  As I take it easy I am finally getting a chance to post up some pictures I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Saturday.  Even more exciting, I get to show off the prototype wet panel carrier my Dad made for me today.  Here  are the pics!



Finished Prototype


So I got some shots of the man in action, a close up of the cut channel and of course a picture of the finished carrier.  It fits three 12″ by 16″ boards.  As I mentioned above it is a prototype, we already have a few ideas for the next model like a plexiglass cover, a removable insert to allow for different size boards and a fitted cap cover.  I am really happy with the box itself and the added protection it will give to the wet panels.  Between trying to work outdoors or having wet paintings dry at home I needed a solution to protect wet paintings really badly.

So for the other good stuff, a few works from the Met:

Childe Hassam, Celia Thaxter’s Garden, Isles of Should, Maine, 1890. Oil on Canvas

Edwin Austin Abbey, King Lear, Act 1, Scene 1, 1898.  Oil on Canvas

William Merritt Chase, At the Seaside, 1892.  Oil on Canvas

A detailed view

Camille Corot, View of Lormes, early 1840s.  Oil on Canvas

Thomas Eakins, The Artist’s Wife and His Setter Dog, 1884-89.  Oil on Canvas

Albert Bierstad, The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak, 1863.  Oil on Canvas

So there they are.  A fraction of the works on display that inspire me.  Every trip to the Met is like a reawakening.