I only just realized that my last post was at the beginning of the summer.  That is some pretty poor blog updating although I have been posting plenty of work on my twitter and instagram feeds.  So I haven’t been doing nothing since the summer, quite the opposite in fact!

I will be adding the plein air paintings from England I did this summer in the Landscape section soon.  I will also throw up a bunch of new study paintings in the Sketchbook section as well.

For now allow me to share the painting below which was completed this past Sunday:

GCA Portrait Class Week 1

I am very happy to be taking an Alla Prima Portrait Sketch class at the Grand Central Atelier for the next few weeks.  I can honestly say that I was terrified at the thought of working from a live model again since the last time I had done so was in college and I was terrible at it.  The first twenty minute pose was filled with self doubt and frustration but eventually I calmed down and got into the painting.  I spent most of the time working only in umber and really focusing on the drawing and getting a good likeness.  That cost me working in color until only the last twenty minutes but in the end I was pleased with the result.  Next week I need to jump into color faster and not hide out working only monochromatically for so long.  Already the class has taught me a lot and has really challenged some of the lessons drilled into me so many years ago.  I am very excited for the next session!