It has been a while since I have posted but that doesn’t mean I have been completely out of it.  The time away from this blog has been spent in drawing, painting and planning.  I have a whole bunch of new work in various stages of completion and I think some of it will be shown locally in the near future.  Exciting stuff!

So of what I have been getting done, I would like to share starting with a fun exercise in my sketchbook:


This drawing of my hand was quickly executed and led to this watercolor painting:


It was also painted rather quickly but I really enjoyed the process.  The added bonus was that I got to use my new small travel watercolor set that I have been eager to try out.  The set is really awesome although it wasn’t cheap.  It is so small that I have been literally carrying it everywhere, the same way I carry my sketchbook everywhere.  You can see a picture of the set here:


That set is literally the size of an ipod when folded up and yes, it has a internal flask of water built in.  Totally worth the money in my opinion!

So all that painting was a really good warmup for some more painting!  The next entry in the sketchbook was the following painting based off of an old Buck knife my Dad gave me:


I believe the knife was my Grandfathers; when I found it in my Dad’s garage it was still in its original box although the blade had suffered from some years of hard use.  Dad said I could have it so I took it home and sharpened it up!

So this watercolor, which I went all Marcel Duchamp on with the “This is not a knife”, became a study for an acrylic painting.  Here it is in an unfinished state:


I decided to paint it in acrylic which was kind of like a homecoming for me.  In college I fell in love with acrylics.  They were versatile, dried fast and were cheaper than watercolor or oils.  Add the fact that they weren’t as toxic and cleaned up with water and I was sold!  Since college I have kind of moved away from them, for a few reasons.  I started painting with watercolor more and more often as I was able to take my sets on the road and paint from life.  The acrylics demanded a table and more of a set up, the watercolors was easier to set up.  Technically I think watercolors are way harder but it became what I preferred.  Only recently have I gotten back into oils, with a level of success that I haven’t experienced before.

When I started this painting I went for the good old acrylics since I wanted to get some work done quickly and I felt that the oils would be too slow.  I was a bit hesitant at first since it had been so long since I had used the acrylics.  My worrying was for nothing, it felt like no time had passed since the last time i painted with them.  The only difference I could notice was in seeing more details.  I think the time working in watercolor taught me a lot about seeing color, texture and detail.  I think the time working in oils taught me about mixing and layering paint.  I never would have thought that the other mediums would directly lend themselves to my acrylic painting.  The result is:


I am really happy how it turned out.

So the current plan is to varnish this, along with another painting, in the next day or two and get to work on another painting.  I am hoping to keep this roll going and try to build up a pile of new finished work.  So that is it for now but I hope to get more up on the blog really soon!