I have been working, but I haven’t been updating.

My bad.  Summer has come and gone and we are now in October.  I am annoyed with myself for not keeping things going here.  Today will be the reopening of this blog and I hope to not have such a long time between posts again.

Today’s work is a digital piece I was commissioned to do for a video game website.  The game is an old one that I played while in college.  I have both stuck playing the game irregularly and have stayed invested in the small community of players who still play.  Over the years I have done silly drawings and such related to the game as a goof.  Out of that came the call to do a more serious piece for this new website dedicated to the game.  I was happy to oblige, it was fun and it supports something that I like.  See Mom, video games do pay off!

I consider the work a digital painting.  I started with a pencil drawing and did all the color work in Photoshop using all my digital skills.  Working with a Wacom tablet and the huge array of brush options in Photoshop really does allow an artist to paint in the computer.  I don’t see a big difference between a brush, a pen or a computer.  They each take skill and expertise.  They each can be frustrating.  They each can be very rewarding to use.

The final version on the website is pretty small and there is a lot of space added on the sides to fit the frame, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out.  Drawing dwarves with molotov cocktails is fun!