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Back at home, back to painting.

Some people may find it odd that during my summer vacation abroad with family I spent so much time painting.  I don’t find it odd, I find it awesome.  Hoylake, England is a beautiful place with so much to be inspired by.  Walk ten minutes one direction and you are painting cows in pastures, ten minutes another and you are at the beach.  Everything is close by and it made for a much-needed change from New York City.

On my return I went through countless photos and decided to do a painting based on all the Koi Carp I spent way too long watching while England.  Aside from watching the fish in several aquariums I visited, I saw quite a few small backyard ponds stocked with Koi as well.  Here is the completed painting as well as a work in progress photo collage.  (The work in progress shots were taken with my phone camera and put up on Instagram as I was working, forgive me that they aren’t the clearest of photos):


Koi-inprogressThis painting was completed very quickly, mostly because I was enjoying working on it so much.  I worked in oils which has shockingly started to become my favorite medium.  I think all the watercolors I have been working on lately have really helped improve my skills and working in a more forgiving medium let me show it.

While I wait for it to dry out a bit before varnishing I have already submitted it to a gallery show and have ordered a frame.  Now on to the next painting!


  1. Love your painting, well done!

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