I am happy to announce that I will be participating in two shows in the near future.  My painting “Wine and Fruit” will be on display locally for about a month and I will also be showing my work at the Sunnyside Art Fair.  Both shows have been organized by Sunnyside Artists, a local art group that I have happily been a part of for the past three years.  If you are around please stop by, especially the art fair where you can praise me directly!

Since the fair is now quickly approaching I find myself in a flurry of creativity.  Simply said I find deadlines to be a good thing.  It is tough to continuously work without a recognizable goal on the horizon.  Having a lot of new work to show at the fair is my current goal and I am trying my best to fulfill it.  In that spirit I just finished the painting below on Friday.

This is a watercolor completed on Yupo.  For those unfamiliar with Yupo it is a synthetic paper that makes for some interesting painting.  I bought a pad of it years ago but have never experimented on it until Friday.  What makes it so different is that the paper does not stain or absorb any of the paint.  That makes for some interesting textures but it is also a bit nerve wracking as at any moment a slight mistake could wipe out whatever you have painted.  Painting on the synthetic paper becomes a balancing act of what you can and can’t control.  I like the “Hanging Bat” painting for some of the painterly effects that I was able to achieve but I dislike that I wasn’t able to control all the texture as much as I would have liked.  It made for some wild painting and I plan on trying Yupo again this week.

I look forward to showing off this painting at the fair, and I look even more forward to someone taking it home with them.