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An unplanned painting (painting sold)

My daughter really wanted to paint today.  My wife had a good idea and suggested that my daughter and I head out back for a while and paint.  She was super excited although I had no idea what I wanted to paint whatsoever.  I was torn between taking out my oils or watercolors.  In the end the windy day and the feeling that rain was coming made me choose watercolor.  I grabbed my daughters set and brushes and my painting bag and outside we went.

She, being a little girl and excellent artist, went through quite a few paintings as I worked on mine.  I didn’t even completely finish before it was time to head back in.  Well I look a photo before we cleaned up and just finished the painting off a few moments ago.  Here it is hot off the press, so to speak:

And for a closer view:

Not bad for an unexpected painting.  It was fun and best of all my daughter loved painting along with Daddy.

Edit 10/9:

I should have put it up to begin with, here is one of my daughters paintings.  It is a similar view to mine.

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