Nothing is worse than finding out about a good opportunity too late.  It seems like whenever I search around for opportunities to show my art I find either: shows that are not my cup of tea or something right up my alley that the submission date just passed for.  I am very pleased to say that I completed, in a short amount of time, a submission for a local show in Long Island City that I hope to be a part of:

Morning Traffic On The BridgeThis painting, “Morning Traffic On The Bridge” was completed in only a few days as I only heard about the show at the last-minute.  Now that I have submitted to Long Island City Artists this once I will make sure to see if there are more opportunities they offer in the future.   This is especially true if I am selected to be a part of this years show.  My affiliation with Sunnyside Artists has been very rewarding, maybe LIC Artists will be the next group I join.  I hope to slowly take over Queens, one art group at a time.

I also want to point out that you can see many photos of the work in progress on my twitter feed: