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A finished painting, with pics to prove it. (painting sold)

Here are the rest of the progress pictures of the “Feast” painting I have been working on.  Since the last post it took two more painting sessions to get it all finished up.  Let me show you how it went.

Stage 5-

The biggest difference from the earlier stage is the wine glass.  It was tough to paint.  After posting the previous works in progress I couldn’t stand looking at the wine glass.  It was too uneven to even think about leaving it how it was.  I don’t think I was able to achieve perfect symmetry but this is as close as I could get.  Aside from trying to fix the drawing of the glass I added all the details to make it look real.  Let me tell you that a transparent glass has a lot of minute details that if you miss it looks like crap.  My wine glass isn’t perfect but I think it came out pretty good.  It was easier to achieve the transparent feeling of the bowl, which I finished after the glass.

Stage 6-

Aside from general touch ups around the whole painting the I had some work to do.  First I hit the pear, then the nectarines and last the plums.  It was enjoyable painting and it went by pretty fast.  It felt like I worked for an hour but it was more like 2 or 3.  Before I knew it I was all done and ready to add my initials.

Doing this painting was a blast.  I have never painted in oils and enjoyed it like this.  I know that when I was in college painting in oils was torture and I guess something has changed.  The biggest reason for the change I think is the water-soluble oil paints.  It has added a whole new dimension not having the toxic turpentine around.  I can honestly say that I can’t wait to start the next painting, I hope to have some sketches up soon.

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